Introducing – Dropshiply PRO 1-Click Automation Triggers (Devoid Ferah)

Dropshiply PRO 1-Click Automation Triggers


1-Click Automation Triggers
Upgrades Will Allow You To Streamline Entire Processes in Seconds & Grow A ThrivingDropshipping Business Fast…

1-Click Automation Trigger #1


Connect WooCommerce to Dropshiply and instantly 
send a confirmation or thank you email when you 
receive new orders!

You can also automatically email customers who

buy specific products and give them a coupon code for 
their next purchase after 3-4 days their order has been 

Dropshiply will notify your WP admin of any failed order, 
so you can act quickly, reduce cart abandonment, 
follow-up with customers right after they purchase 
and more! Automate your work and skyrocket
 your productivity in seconds!

1-Click Automation Trigger #2


Maintaining an ecommerce store is super easy 
when you integrate WordPress with Dropshiply.

Use this trigger to automatically send a text 
message to your WP admin everytime you 
receive a new order!

When you combine WordPress and Dropshiply, 
you can use, improve, and monitor your WordPress
 store without adding hours to your work week!

1-Click Automation Trigger #3

Jet Pack Integration

Jetpack will instantly power up and protect your store 
with authenticated customer logins and also 
prevent brute force attacks!

This special automation trigger will also instantly 
notify you about your store’s downtime and 
any performance related issues!

1-Click Automation Trigger #4

SMS Alerts

Now you can instantly send SMS alerts to 
customers with order related information 
in 1-click!

SMS Alerts allow you to quickly notify the customer 
through text messages with important order related information 
from right within your Dropshiply platform! Save countless hours 
of stress and scale your business quickly than ever before!

1-Click Automation Trigger #5

Google Sheets

Instantly export all your customers data 
to Google sheets for remarketing!

You can also see if your customers are in your 
specific Google sheet, and if not, Dropshiply will 
automatically add new rows without lifting a finger!

This trigger will also let you export 
all your products in 1 click!

1-Click Automation Trigger #6

Autoresponder Integration

Automatically connect your store to your favorite 
autoresponder and import all your customers 
data in 1 click!

You’ll also be able to sync them automatically, add 
them to multiple autoresponders and create 
massive lists of subscribers!

Dropshiply currently supports 4 powerful ARs; 
Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp & Sendy!

1-Click Automation Trigger #7


Dropshiply integrates with the popular cloud
communication platform Twilio!

You can automatically get notified when a new order 
is placed, get a summary of your daily orders and 
send order confirmation messages to customers!

To make life easier, the phone country codes are 
automatically added with each customer’s number 
based on their billing country.

Complete Training Tutorials

The platform is VERY user friendly and 
extremely easy to use and master!

We have put together a series of easy to follow 
detailed training videos to be 100% certain that you 
are able to understand and execute all the 
automation triggers that Dropshiply has to offer!

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