Is your football team leaving something to be desired? Are you looking to skyrocket your team’s effectiveness with the most effective drills and plays?”

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The right football drills can mean all the difference when it comes to conditioning a football team for success on the field. All football drills are extremely important to the development of football positions, including football drills for the quarterback, running backs, defensive backs, line backers and other players on the field.

If you are a coach looking to increase the capability of your entire team through hardworking, effective football drills, then this is the solution for you.

The real trick is to have a collection of a variety of different football drills so that the players don’t get bored of practicing the same drills over and over. The more drills you implement for teaching your football players how to improve their skills, the more successful your team members will be at excelling.

American football is not like any other game.  It is a hard hitting, full contact sport that is played with a lot of intensity.  If you like contact sports with a lot of zip, then you will like American football.

But trying to figure out the rules of American football can be daunting.  Unless you have played the game and are very familiar with the rules, it can be tough to figure out penalties and rule breaking.  For most who are new to this sport, it is confusing when a flag is thrown and the referee gives hand signals on the field.

The concept of the game may seem like a blur to others, especially if they are used to watching other sports that seem to flow quickly.  Those who are used to watching soccer, for example, may be puzzled by the stops and starts of the game.  This can interfere with your enjoyment of watching a football game and will certainly deter you from playing.

Now You Can Learn…

What if someone were to tell you that there is a way that you can learn everything there is to know about football right away in one easy to read book?  That by reading this book, you could not only understand the game in order to watch, but that it would help you coach as well and play?  Well, get ready for a one of a kind eBooks…..

Unlike other books, this book gives you all the facts.  After you finish reading “American Football 101,” you will be ready to play, coach or simply watch the game with a better understanding and enjoyment.

American Football is like no other sport and is exciting to watch, but the rules can be daunting for a novice.  This books takes all of the mystery out of the sport and tells you, in plain English, just how the game is played, the rules of the game as well as the origin.  If you are looking for one book that tells you all about American Football, this is it!

Easy to read & full of facts!

1) Learn the concept of the game

Before you can get into the rules of American Football, you have to learn the concept of the game.  This is easier than ever once you read this book.  The concept of American Football is laid out for any reader to be able to understand and pick up.  Before you know it, you’ll be cheering on touchdowns!    

2) Learn the rules of the game

The rules of American Football can be complex at first, but once you read this book, you will understand not only the concept of the game, but the intricate rules that follow.  Whether you want to watch, play or coach, this book has it all for you!

Here is what you will learn inside this guide….

* An introduction to the sport known as American football.

* A look at the most commonly used football terms.

* 8 Offensive Line Drills

* 13 Quarterback Drills

* 11 Running Back Drills

* 5 Defensive Line Drills

* 10 Linebacker Drills

* 7 Defensive Back Drills

Not only will these drills benefit the players they are intended for, but many incorporate the entire team or groups of players from different positions, which will allow you to increase the capabilities of all of your players rather than just one group or another.

This is the complete guide to football drills for better football playing!

This is an in depth review of the best football drills that you can run, allowing your players to increase their capabilities in a number of playing situations, including:

* Catching and throwing ability,

* Tackling and blocking ability,

* The ability to hold the ball,

* Passing ability

* Blocking

* Proper stance

Many other aspects of football that are vital to your team’s success!

This no nonsense eBooks guide is twenty four pages that are jam packed with information about improving the capabilities of your football team by having them run the drills that will actually get results. Forget about wondering which drills will give your team the best results and settle for the resource that offers only the best. In other words, if the drill is in this book, it will drive results!

For only $17, you can download a copy of “American Football 101” right away and start learning everything you need to know about this sport.  If you are looking for a way to learn to play the game or if you simply want to watch, you can download the book and learn everything you need to know about this exciting game!

This book will teach you everything that you need to know in easy to understand, plain English.  Instead of just a few tips here and there, this is a complete book on all of the rules and regulations of American football.  Take the guesswork out of watching and start reading and enjoying.

I really want to make this the best deal that I can offer, so today, and for a limited time I am going to throw in two valuable bonuses for you.  You receive the FULL Master Resell Rights to this product, so you can turn around and sell it as your own!

The second bonus you receive today is American Football 101 as a glorious looking, interactive FLASH eBook!

Turn the pages just like a real book, easily bookmark your favorite parts, zoom in and out, it certainly beats the old boring PDF eBooks you see floating around!

I’m so sure that you will learn everything you want to know about American Football from this book that I am willing to back it up with a 100 percent guarantee

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