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How Youtubers Make Money In 2022- GoodyonBlog

how youtubers make money

i know you will be wondering how youtubers make money on youtube, so today i am going to reveal to you the different ways youtubers make money on youtube.

1. channel monetization

as a youtubers or any one planning to start a youtube channel to earn some revenue from advertisement placed on his/her channel must meet youtube monetization policy which is making quality videos not copy and paste,reach 4000 watch hours,reach 1000 subscribers.

so for you to earn money by placing adsense advertisement on your channel you must meet this threshold and policy inorder to be monetized on youtube partner program, and also make sure you create unique videos for you not to loose monetization revenue through copyright claims from the videos owner.

2. affiliate marketing

another way in which you can make some money with your youtube channel is by selling affiliate products it can be softwares,health and beauty products,games,clothing products.

their are lots of affiliate marketing programs that allow you to promote their products for some cash, some of this affiliate marketing programs that i will recommend for you are:

a. jvzoo

jvzoo is an affiliate network that allows you to promote their products in order to earn some revenue and you get commission for sales you make, their comissions are pretty cool in such a way that you can make upto $100 by just promoting software you get commission for the sale you generate through your affiliate products. so if you are running a tech youtube channel i highly recommend jvzoo for you, also you can track all your traffic that you send rough your affiliate links on your jvzoo dashboard and their reporting is realtime. you can join jvzoo here

b. amazon

i know you might come across amazon or heard of it , amazon affiliate products are at wide range which you earn commission by promoting their products through your affiliate link so any one that purchase their product through your affiliate link you get commission for that. it is a nice affiliate program to join but it has policy on which if you cant generate at least two to three sales within 6 months your account will be closed that why i cant recommend amazon affiliate program to any one that has less audience on his channel or blog.

c. mylead

mylead is a cpa affiliate program in which you earn comission on cost per action model through either signup,download,or purchases made through your affiliate link,but if you are in the African countries you will get little commission for sales made in your country due to lack offers available on mylead platform for african countries. but if you get most of your audience from tier 1 countries like usa,germany,netherland,france, you will earn good revenue from this affiliate network. why i like mylead is that they have a wide range of products for you to promote and they will provide you with tips and tricks for you to succeed in your affiliate marketing journey.

3. selling courses on youtube

if you are running an education or tech channel or blog you might want to sell courses for students or marketers,you can signup on udemy a platform that allows you to sell video courses and ebook and from their you promote your courses and ebooks to your youtube or blog audience to get some cash.above are some of my tips on how to make some extra cash on youtube and if you need ideas and suggestion on how to go about it feel free to drop a comment below or if you have any advice you can drop it on the comment section below.

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