Ezy MultiStores Review: Worlds #1 Ecom Affiliate Store Builder

ezy multistores review

ezy multistores review

in these review i will go through the features of these awesome affiliate store builder

and also what included in it so below are the features of these awesome product:

  1. Create Multiple Store License
  2. Top selling products
  3. Free Hosting
  4. ​Video Content Engine
  5. ​Sort Products by Built-in Social Proof
  6. ​Social Syndication Price Drop Technology
  7. ​Full Control Over Social Automation
  8. ​Seamless integration with Email S.M.T.P.
  9. ​Built-In VIP Email Notification System
  10. ​Search Auto logger
  11. ​Customer Wish-list Portal
  12. ​Custom Internal Product Search
  13. ​Price Auto-scaling
  14. ​Built-in Analytics
  15. ​Easy Front-end Store Configuration

Create Multiple Store License

This awesome software allows you to create your endless stream of money-making stores,

which lets you pulls in free clicks and passive sales every single day.

ezy multistores review

Top selling products

You can also quickly search top selling products on (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best-buy, Ali express)

and also import them to your own store.

esy multistore review

Video Content Engine

This software also allows you to curate and auto-publish unlimited relevant product review

videos with your Ezy Multi-Stores product attached.

ezy multistores review

Social Syndication Price Drop Technology

this awesome software also allows you to auto-post to Facebook and Twitter when the price drops

for that product or when it is back in stock and available to buy.

ezy multistores review

Built-In VIP Email Notification System

You can also Send emails for a price drop, Product out of stock, Product back in stock, Product

custom price drop alert created,Product added to your wish list e.t.c.

ezy multistores review

and lot more you can view more info about this awesome software and bonuses

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