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Dropshiply PLATINUM Sales Reports & Analytics

Here’s What’s Included

in this PLATINUM Upgrade

Unlimited Sales Reports

Get unlimited sales reports, helpful insights,

accurate metrics on sales and product details that

reveal your customers’ buying habits based on

criteria that is important to you.

You can look at sales over time, by product,

SKU, vendor, point of sale (POS) location, or also

see the orders that have been placed on a

particular day, week, or month.

This secret information will also reveal

seasonal sales trends and influence

future product promotions!

Real-Time Store Revenue

Instantly track and see all your store sales

and revenue in real-time and get extremely 

sensitive information any time that you want!

It also updates order statuses so you see

your revenue accurately calculated.

This is your must-have secret weapon and best

of all, you can check everything with ONE click! 

Dropshiply makes all of this extremely easier

and faster, no other software is required.

Monthly Sales Breakdown

Drill down into your sales data by date! 

You can have a complete sales breakdown

by year, last month, this month, last 7

days, and a custom date range.

Our sales graph will show you the amount

of gross sales, net sales and also insights 

on shipping!

Total Sales By Country

Discover what countries contribute

the most to your store revenue!

This sensitive info can help you determine

where to invest in new markets.

It is crucial to grasp regional aspects of sales

and revenue so you can outline a very clear

picture and know exactly where your orders

 and customers are coming from!

You can also drill down into a specific country

to see what province or state perform best

for targeting ads in the future!

All Time Best Seller

Want to find out QUICKLY & EASILY

what’s actually selling
on your stores?

Easily uncover all the all time best selling

products on your store!

See the products that are most wanted by

your customers so you can find inspiration

for products you should launch next!

You can also search all your best selling

products by keyword across your store!

Top Seller of the Month

Get full reports for your top selling

products of the month!

You’ll see the ones that are most

likely to generate money for you!

Best Performing Product Categories

Want to see what’s incredibly trending now?

Want to find out what products have sold

the most in your specific niche?

Look no further!

By monitoring your best performing products

and categories, you will get enough understanding

to take decision about any product whether

you should sell it or not!

If a particular product is selling well on your store,

 you can order more of it. On the flip side, if a

product isn’t performing, then you’d want to

know sooner, rather than later, so you can

run promotions before the season ends.

Best Time Of Sales

What’s the best time people

buy from your store?

Instantly see exactly the best

time for your store to grow!

You’ll also be able to see what

time is best to run your ads!

Holiday Sales Reports

What are the biggest holiday

shopping sale days of the year?

Is it Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week,

Free Shipping Day, Super Saturday, Boxing Day,

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving

or Christmas?

With full holidays sales reports you can see what

holiday brings in the most revenue and how

much money is spent on each holiday so you

can skyrocket your sales overnight!

Payment Method Based Reports

Discover the payment method most

used by your customers!

This report will help you make decisions

based on the most popular methods used.

For example, if you find yourself overwhelmed

by having too many payment methods to

manage, this feature will help you decide

which ones are the most important to keep.

Or if you find that most of your customers

prefer Paypal and Stripe (instead of bank

transfers), you might consider introducing

more online payment options!

Customer Analysis Reports

Our Customer Analysis tab provides an

in-depth view of the number of 

customers your business has.

You can also see very important

related key metrics here.

It also reveals how much they spend

on average and whether there is

repeat business!

Sales Report Per Customer

Generate unlimited “sales per customer”

reports and identify your VIP customers as

well as those who aren’t fully engaging with

your brand, so you can tailor your

marketing accordingly!

If you know who your VIP customers are, 

you could create special VIP events

or programs to drive loyalty!

On the other hand, if you’re looking to

engage inactive customers, this report

will help you identify them very easily!

Shipping Reports

What shipping method they prefer most?

Free shipping, flat/table rate, live rates 

from a carrier, mixed/alternative strategies…


Get full insights on shipping methods used by

your customers so you can put an effective

ecom shipping strategy in place and grow

your ecom business quickly and easily!

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