Why are SSLs “required”?!

SSLs provide the security that is needed for your customers and you when you are taking payments online, as well as gathering personal information, transferring data, for logins, and securely browsing social media sites. You’ll recognize a secure site by the locked padlock next to the url, as well as the https protocol. Secure sites boost consumer confidence. When you come across a site without an SSL or where the certificate has expired, it can be disconcerting for some to see a message that says “this site is not secure.” You’ll also note the “unlocked” padlock. Some people are even scared away from those sites never to return and often report the sites for being “malicious.” However, many of us know that there is nothing “wrong” or “malicious” with these sites and, as long as you are not submitting payment information, they are perfectly safe to visit.

For a Progressive Web App to work properly (add to home screen prompt), it needs a secure connection.

Security Point 1 What exactly is an SSL Certificate and what will it do for a site? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer (SSL). A SSL-secured site will have HTTPS (S = Secure) at the beginning of the URL. SSL certificates allow information to be securely transferred from a browser to a server. SSL provides the encrypted security to protect communications from being intercepted or manipulated. In other words, it will make information unreadable except at the intended destination. SSL Certificate: Builds Trust And Brand Power For Visitors And Customers Allows Orders Or Payments To Be Placed On The Site Allows Personal Information To Be Collected Protects Against Cybercriminals Improves SEO Rankings

Security Point 2 How do you add a SSL Certificate to your site? If you are going to add a SSL Certificate yourself, you must search out a trusted provider who also offers tech support; make sure you have the correct level of security; purchase it; then configure it properly using best practices on your server. Please note that — if you don’t do it right — it can cause critical problems and significant time delays. In fact, a malformed certificate can bring down the whole server that it is on taking out all the sites that are on it!! Security Point 3 That’s why we at MobiFirst offer SSL Certificates and Installation for you. We give you the peace of mind that you need about installation and the speed of doing it for you and having it active quickly. AND our certificates are ACCEPTED ON MOBILE, something that is often not the case with other certificates, especially the so-called “free” ones. For $39/year/domain, we will install your certificate and have it active, usually in less than one hour. Your part? One click and done. And your website is secure and your PWA will work properly.

NOTE: For those of you who are experienced in installing your own SSL Certificates, you are welcome to upload your own certificates at no cost. HOWEVER, your certificates will be vetted and APPROVED MANUALLY by the MobiFirst tech support staff. Depending on the amount of work needing done at the time, this could mean a delay of 1 to several days. NOTE: If you do not purchase today, you will pay FULL PRICE later $39/year/domain You have a choice: Peace of mind and we do all the work OR do it yourself. If you purchase today, we’ll also grandfather you in at these SAME YEARLY PRICES for as long as you host your sites with MobiFirst.

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