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Backlink Builder Express(Windows Software) 

Backlink Builder Express

(Windows Software)

Build your own contextual links on these Web 2 Platforms in auto.

Build as many links as you want on the following public properties automated with for just $34.99 a month.

Let this software do the link building for you

BacklinkBuilder Express delivers the fastest and easiest way to build backlinks to your sites safely, with the minimum amount of setup.

High DA backlinksrank your website, it’s a fact, that’s why we include platforms from Web2.0 sites such as Tumblr, WordPress etc. Look out for the ever growing list of  Web2.0 platforms added weekly so the list is always up to date and working. Look out for the new list of .edu and .gov that will be coming soon. Again these will be mostly contextual and do-follow sites.

Features of BacklinkBuilderExpress

  • Simple. BacklinkBuilderExpress has been designed from the start to have an easy and quick setup. Whether you’re a seasoned internet marketeer, or have just started in SEO, you want a product that can build backlinks with a minimum of fuss and time.
  • Platforms. No backlink builder software would complete without the right platforms. Included is a list of high DA Web 2.0 websites as well as other types of platforms.
  • Web 2.0 Platforms. Because Web 2.0 and similar sites such as tumblrwordpress etc,  change their format every so often which stop registration and building, we update and add new web 2.0 sites weekly, as well as other websites. Our aim is to continue to build a huge inventory of websites that the application can build on. If BacklinkBilderExpress does not have a platform that you require, either submit a request on our forum, and also check weekly to see new sites that we have added.
  • Build Multi-page Web 2.0 sites. This software has the ability to build multi-page web 2 sites on web 2 blogs, not just single pages. Dont just stick with single page sites, make them look real.
  • Older Platforms. We have also added 8 of the older engines to make it versatile, such as wordpress profile, buddypress, wiki, classipress, joomla, dotnetnuke, fluxbb, kunena.
  • Tumblr expired name checker. Build yourself an expired tumblr network with our expired name checker and post to it with the Tumblr engine included.
  • Article scraper and spinner.  Included is an article scraper to add enough articles to the current project, and integral spinner. You can also import pre-spun articles, and use plain articles if you so wish.
  • Index checker module.  A lot of people make the mistake of anchor text profiles. You build a project with the correct anchor text, but the mistake you make, is not all of the backlinks are indexed. With the index checker, you get a separate report of your backlink profile thats indexed, not just built, so much more important.
  • Reports. BacklinkBuilderExpress can export a full report of the project built with full anchor text profile, as well as indexed checked profile.
  • Capcha’s. Currently support for capcha is with 2capcha. In time we are adding other capcha services.
  • Support. We have a new forumsetup. From here you can register and then let us know if any of the platforms fail in any way. We have a new platform request section, where if you would like a new website added, let us know. Learn More
  • Automation. BacklinkBuilderExpress has a 90% success rate for registration and building backlinks on Web 2.0. Why? Because quite simply, when the website fails, we look at why it’s failed and make changes to the engine for updating.
  • External URL Scraper. BacklinkBuilderExpress comes with a separate scraper so more url’s can be found and added to the project. This way you can build on websites that only you have found.
  • Free Demonstration. You can download a free demonstration of the software where you will be able to create accounts. BacklinkBuilderExpress requires the following to run.Windows 10,8 or 7, a fast Computer (These are web 2 sites and require lots of resources)Fast Broadband.Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, (Most are installed anyway)×182.png

Refund policy, please read

BacklinkBuilderExpress is not guaranteed to build on %100 all sites all the time, as a particular site may be having problems that day, or they may have made changes to the front end. We don’t own those sites, they are not under our control. Please inform us of this, and we will make changes to the engine. BacklinkBuilderExpress is new software, so there may well be some bugs somewhere, again please inform us of this, and give us sufficient time to work the bugs out. We have a forum where you can contact us. We may ask for a teamviewer session to take this further. If we cannot get this application to work on your computer that has the requirements to run, on that reason we will refund your monthly licence paid. What we do guarantee, is that we aim to make this app better by improving the engines.

Support of BacklinkBuilderExpress, please read

BacklinkBuilderExpress is a newly developed application. There may well be a few bugs  somewhere. We aim to correct those that are found and reported to us.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links to your website from another website, simple. Backlinks can bring you traffic if placed on high traffic websites.

Why build backlinks?

Backlinks can also help to rank your website if used correctly. Having quality backlinks to your website continues to a vitally important ranking signal, but SEO’s find successful link building to be one of the most difficult aspects of SEO.

Why do backlinks matter for SEO?

Search engines take backlinks very seriously, that’s the whole point of a search engines nature. Let’s take google for instance. If a link is discovered from the New York Post newspaper to your website, what do you think will happen. We all know that the New York Post has got a pretty big reputation, and they wont do anything to discredit that reputation, so it stands to reason, that if they are linking to your website, then its probably going to be for a trusted reason. So in google’s eyes, your website has now got a trusted reputation, and the result is that google will start to place your website higher up the ranks, than some others.

It’s that simple. Backlinks act like a vote of confidence. If a website is prepared to link to your website,  they’re essentially saying to the search engines, “We think you’re website is good and we will trust your website as well“.  Also a website with no backlinks pointing to it, will be outranked by a website with only a handful of backlinks. See the way this is going!!

Trust and authority

As outlined above, Trust and authority are two of the most important reasons for building backlinks. Generally speaking, trustworthy sites will link to other trustworthy sites. This gives the search engines some valuable clues about how to prioritise a website in search results, that’s why we include the Web2.0 sites, as these tend to have a Higher DA(Domian Authority). Take a look at our guides on how to build backlinks correctly with the right Anchor text.

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