Unlimited Length of Text To Speech IN EVERY LANGUAGE In VoiceBuddy you get up to 500 words of total length per audio. But when you upgrade to VoiceBuddy Pro, we’ll unlock this feature so you can get unlimited audio for your files regardless of the language. Doesn’t matter if it’s 7 minutes or 50 minutes. You’ll be able to create as many unlimited audio files as you want.


UNLIMITED LENGTH Of Copy and Pasting of Text

Also, we’ll unlock the ability to paste unlimited text into the Text to Speech editor. With VoiceBuddy you can paste up to 500 words, but with this option you can paste as much text as you like This is great for those who want a little more power with their text to speech options.


IMPORT TEXT FROM WEBSITE URL OPTION ADDED This is absolutely amazing! You can also give VoiceBuddy Pro any link and it will extract all the text from that web page so you can create an audio file. Just think of the possibilities here. You can create different types of videos, audio downloads for your blog posts and pages, or even create podcasts from different topics from article directories! And each one you can monetize in anyway you see fit.

108 Additional Voices to CHOOSE FROM! As if the ‘141’ Voices & 33 Languages that you got in standard VoiceBuddy weren’t enough… NOW you have an Additional 108 Voices to Choose from between Google Wavenet & Amazon Polly! Yup! That brings your total Voice choices to 249 Ear-Grabbing, Unique Sounding, Human-like voices to captivate ALL types of audiences. They’ll never know what hit them and never know what to expect. It’s said that 80% of your Marketing objective is ‘achieved’ simply when their attention has been solicited AND hooked. Now you’ve got ‘249’ hooks to choose from. Wink, Wink.


also include the option for you to add background music to your audio files at no additional charge. Normally to get access to royalty free background music can cost you anywhere from $10-$50 per track. But inside VoiceBuddy Pro you’ll have access to a total of (X) tracks. That means by upgrading today you’ll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars while making your new text to speech audio sound even more amazing!

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